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Juli 2019

Welcome to mySego

New features & system improvements:

  • New! Menu item "Optimized mode" available for schedules
  • improved medical device management
  • improved schedules & task management
  • create forms
  • optimized SegoAgent
  • general interface improvement

New preparation devices available

  • Sirona DAC Universal Touch
  • Stern Weber & Stern Weber Plus
  • Castellini A & Castellini A Plus
  • Anthos C & Anthos C Plus

Here you will find all devices currentliy supported by mySego. More coming soon.

Did you know...?

...that with mySego you can not only perform the general and device-spedific routine tests of the instrument treatment devices? This is now possible for all devices at your practice!

Let mySego remind you of important routine tasks

For example:

  • daily or weekly rinsing cleaning and rinsing processes of dental units
  • functional test of ultrassonic cleaning devices
  • regular check an monitoring of the medical refrigerators
  • routine monitoring of sealing seams of sealing devices
  • filter replacement after defined number of cycles
  • and much more

These tasks and schedules are displayed by mySego at the relevant time and with intuitive user guidance and logged in the archive.

Hygiene education - knowledge for the practice team

Expertise in the medical and dental practice - course (5 days in munich) according to the qualification directive of DGSV e. V.
More information at registration
  • 21.- 25. Oktober 2019 - registration deadline is August 20, 2019
  • 10.- 14. Februar 2020 - registration deadline is December 20, 2019

Suggestions for improvement

Be there! We are constantly improving and developing mySego.
Preferably with you. We look forward to your ideas and feedback in the contact form